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Kidding Schedule

No bottle babies, we wean at 8 weeks old. The kids are socialized and very friendly.  CAE negative herd. Price includes both CDT vaccinations and two veterinary wellness checks. Discounts if buy multiples.

We have a waiting list for 2017 kids, contact us if you want to be added

FOR SALE - see Celtic Pride Farm on facebook for more frequent updates

1. Pygmy x Nigerian Dwarf. Cream blue eyed doe. 1 1/2 years old. Pet home wanted. Sweet doe, gentle, good with children. She is very small and had to have a C-Section for delivery of very large triplets. Should not be bred again, or done with great care. Will be available after her kids are weaned. IN MILK ($75) - ON HOLD


Updated kid list (Registered Nigerian Dwarf x Pygmy):
1. Black & white, blue eyed buckling with substantial roaning - ON HOLD
2. Tiny Buckskin with minimal white, blue eyed doeling - ON HOLD
3. Buckskin with minimal white, brown eyed buckling - ON HOLD
4. Black with heavy white, brown eyed doeling - ON HOLD
5. Black with heavy white and roaning, brown eyed doeling ($200)- ON HOLD

6. Tiny Black with minimal white and roaning, blue eyed buckling ($200) - ON HOLD

We have more due summer and fall of 2017, so check back periodically or contact us if you want to be added to our waiting list.






End of July to early August