Quality Nigerian Dwarves & Irish Draughts
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AGS & ADGA Nigerian Dwarf






Rock Prairie BP Penelope - FOR SALE

Penny’s Kids





Wildwood SN Tornado




Pruittville’s Legend






Pruittville’s Huckleberry



Pruittville’s L/M Triumph







Pruittville’s Doctor Luke




Pruittville’s Magnolia






Pruittville’s Doctor Luke


Pruittville’s Picasso








Pruittville’s Ivy




Kastdemur’s Next Expedition






Kastdemur’s LE Exacta



Pruittville’s N/E Sugar Baby







Price-o-the-Field Royal Marcus




Pruittville’s Brown Sugar






Pruittville’s Huckleberry

Rock Prairie BP Penelope









Pruitville’s Legend




Pruittville’s Music Man






Pruittville’s Nantucket



Chalivah MMV Elvis







Price O The Field Royal King




Chalivah RKM Vanity Fair






Chalivah Royal Mercy


Chalivah EK Blue Suede Shoes








Price-o-the-field Royal Marcus




Chalivah Royal Mischief






Chavilah Charity



Chalivah MM Kathleen







Pruittville’s StoryTeller




Dogwood-Hollow Miss Marcella






Price o the Field Miss Marlena

Photo credits: VII Nubians, Pruittville Farm