Quality Nigerian Dwarves & Irish Draughts
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AGS & ADGA Nigerian Dwarf






Reference buck: Robbins Farm Dusty Crophopper

Buckskin, blue eyes





Flat Rocks Sacred Scarab




Edie’s Sacred Blueboy






Edie’s No Trouble At All



Holloways Sacred Bandido Blue







Double E Ranch Boots and Buckles




Edie’s No Trouble At All






Mtn Retreat’s Fairy Frog


Dreamers Farm Zeke








Edie’s Sacred Blueboy




Holloways Blue Harley






Mtn Retreat’s Fairy Frog



Spotted Acres Zebra







MarKan Farms Buckley




RP Farm Diamond in the Rough






Tiny Tales Snow White

Robbins Farm Dusty Crophopper









Flat Rocks Prairie Hawk




MCH/GCH+S+BE Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues






MCH MK Ginger Vas



Prairie Wood Zia







Long Acres Zeus




MCH *D1*M Phantasma ZC Sage






Mountain Quest MA Clove


Cedar Kids Aster








+*S++*B MCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm




+*S VG Lost Valley Ride the Wave






2*M 3*D Lost Valley Toriaza



Seldom Herd Jasmine











Seldom Herd Petunia







Photo credits: Robbins Farm, Prairie Wood Farm